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Working From Home

Working from home definitely has its advantages. You don’t need to go out in the rain, get a bus, taxi, drive, or walk to get to work. Your kettle and coffee jar are in the next room and you can have an unlimited amount. You get a break whenever you want one and no one will check you for skiving (spouse or partner excepted perhaps). If you have a glass of wine or a beer at work, no one will sack you.

On the other hand, if you don’t do the work, you won’t get paid. You need to be self-driven and motivated to ensure you do everything you need to to be successful. No one is there to push you if you don’t do it yourself and no one will be responsible except you if you don’t succeed.

Here are my top six tips on the subject of working from home.:

  1. Website MaintenanceHave an uncluttered space where you have what you need to hand. A computer desk, dining or coffee table, it doesn’t matter. It should be comfortable for you to spend a good amount of time there. I just have my laptop on the coffee table and an unlimited supply of tea.
  2. Invest time in your own development. Fill any knowledge and experience gaps that will benefit you and make you more productive. Whether it’s a computing course, internet marketing skills, website building, or building knowledge of your niche through research. Knowledge builds confidence, which then builds success.
  3. Organise your workload into a realistic and manageable schedule. Set specific goals and know when you will complete them. Include sensible breaktimes. Then keep to your set schedule. Remember, when the place you work is the same as the place you live, it’s just as important to get the work/life balance right. So do that from the start.
  4. If your home phone also becomes a business phone, have “office hours” when you are contactable and an answer service when you’re not. Consider a second phone line if necessary to keep work/life in balance.
  5. Establish your business identity. Get business cards printed and give them out at every opportunity. Network in every way possible. Utilise as many social networks as you can to promote your work from home business.
  6. Have a bank account you use only for business and ensure all related transactions happen through that account. Organise financially in advance so you don’t have an issue later.

Working from home can be an extremely fun and rewarding experience when you are doing something you love, are well organised, have specific goals and take consistent action to meet them.

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