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picture of JohnHi and welcome to this website. My name is John and I am the creator and only admin of this site. But, why did I create it?

Some 20 or so years ago, I can remember getting involved in all sorts of “Get Rich Quick” schemes. One thing I tried was a form of multi-level marketing or MLM. At the time it was known as a pyramid scheme. The general idea was to recruit “downlines” into your business and train them to do the same ad infinitum. The idea was to spend most of your effort recruiting into the business rather than selling products. Whether you’ve heard of these schemes or not, you would probably realise why they ultimately can’t work.

A good portion of products that those in the business bought as stock ended up being used by themselves or those close to them. In the meantime, the wider the Pyramid base got, the harder it got to earn commissions or recruit. Very quickly, it saturates and those entering the business lose a lot more than they can gain. Pyramid schemes are therefore ultimately unsustainable, and often illegal.

I can remember also trying out another opportunity that came my way in the form of junk mail. This was long before most people had access to computers and the offer arrived in the form of a fat envelope through my letterbox with promises of fortunes to be had if only I would subscribe to a mail-order publication.

So I did. I got the whole series month after month. The £40 every month it cost me at the time would be the same as paying almost twice that today. I worked in a warehouse, so I wasn’t earning a lot at the time in my normal job. So that £40 a month felt like a fair hit in the pocket at the time.

The whole series dragged on a considerable time (about a year) before any really useful information was revealed. In the earlier stages, most of the information was designed to motivate and adjust the mindset to one of financial success. The business idea at the end of it was guess what? To re-write the material yourself and set up your own mail-order business, doing the very same thing as the guy who sold it to me! When the full business model was finally revealed to me, I felt like a fool to have wasted so much money. I had spent upwards of £480 just to be told to plagiarise and re-market the same material. I felt properly robbed!!

I wanted success and financial freedom just like most if not everybody else does. Since you’re reading this, I bet that’s what you want too. The trouble is, there are just too many get-rich-quick schemes and dubious “opportunities” out there, all designed to deprive you of your hard-earned cash without making all the risks clear, or providing any real support. Nowadays, of course, most of those schemes are online. So who do you trust?

I made my mistakes a long time ago, even before the internet came around, and more when it did. I’ve wasted a lot of money on schemes that for one reason or another can’t and won’t work. I’m now extremely careful about who I associate with within business and what business opportunities I agree to endorse. I’ve learned a great deal in the past few decades!

Becoming successful in business is always going to be hard work. You need to be willing to put the effort in to create your own success! For you to do that, you need to be certain about the things you are passionate about and what drives you. If you can’t wait to get out of bed in the morning and get to work, you’re on the right track.

For me, I can’t wait to build the next website. What is it for you? With so many more people now working from home, are you one of those seeking a website for a new project or home-based business? Is your project or home-based business where your passion is?

Do you want to build it yourself? Or don’t you have the time, because you’re busy building your business? Once built, will you be able to maintain it yourself, or will you need a little help?

This is what my real passion is, to help you promote your business, with the range of web design and support services you and your business need. Even working from home and while extremely rewarding, working your own business is a whole lot of hard work. Let me take a bit of the load off.

All the best.


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