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Web Design & Build

We will work together with you, to build on your ideas and create a great website. From concept to completion, we are a team and together, we will get the job done.

Our quote will be based on the information you provide, the functionality and sitemap required, including the front page and all other pages. Once you accept our quote in principle, here is what we do for you.

  • We design it for you! We will create a sitemap and design proposal for your site, based on the information you provide. We will suggest what we think is the best theme template for your idea/concept and provide other options should you wish it. We will make changes to our design proposal, only within the limits of the theme template used, until you are ready to accept our proposal and proceed.
  • Website DevelopmentWe will build it for you! Once you have accepted our proposal, we will install the content management system (CMS), usually WordPress, and the agreed theme template, usually a DIVI template. We will setup the required functionality, including all the required modules and plugins, and any premium subscriptions you have ordered. We will add the homepage and other pages in the agreed sitemap as required. We will also carry out basic SEO and optimise the website and all content we post for search.
  • We will post your content! By now, you will have provided us with all the text content needed to make your new website complete. This can include text for the homepage, about page, contact page, services page or other pages you have ordered as part of your website’s initial sitemap. If you have provided images, we will include these as required. We will also use royalty-free images where appropriate to make your pages look great. You can also include bespoke privacy policy and or terms of service pages, if you are not using the generic ones we provide. If you are using bespoke legal pages, do not forget to have them checked by a legal professional before you submit them to us for posting.

Website Maintenance.

If you have not also ordered our website maintenance service, once the initial build out of your website is complete, our job is done. You will be responsible for the management of your website and all future updates, including all WordPress and plugin updates, theme updates and SEO, in addition to your future content posting requirements.

If you order our website maintenance service, we will manage your WordPress and theme installation for you, including all modules and plugins, and any bespoke functionality you have ordered.

  • Website MaintenanceWe will help to keep your site healthy and fast, with WordPress, theme, plugin and module updates, security updates, backup scheduling and much more.
  • Control panel administration so far as is possible, depending on any limitations set by your hosting provider. This can include security updates, backup scheduling, help with setting up email and more.
  • You can choose from three packages, which include either 2, 4 or 6 pages or posts each month, with basic SEO.
  • We will carry out basic SEO on your website and all content we post.
  • We will proofread and check your content before we post. And add images to make it look great.

Website Hosting.

Domains & HostingSuperior Shared Hosting with cPanel, the industry-standard control panel.

If you haven’t already arranged hosting for your website, or if you prefer to transfer to us, we will host your website on our UK-based servers. We’ll even throw in FREE Secure HTTPS, a 256-bit SSL Certificate.

If you decide to go for our Full-Service Bundle, which includes hosting and maintenance, this also means we can provide a more efficient maintenance service. This is because we will have full control of your cPanel (back-end control panel for your hosting) and WordPress install.

What we need from you.

Your website idea! So, you know what kind of business or another website idea you have, and what it is that you will offer. Before you enquire with us, you should already have a good idea about what your website should look like, how you want it to function and what kind of “Call to Action” you want your website’s visitors to see.

  • What is your new website idea?What is your concept, business or new idea? What will you offer? Have you fully researched your idea, and can you write confidently about it? This is important as your part in this team effort is to provide the content for your website. This includes all the text content for the initial build, pages and posts, services and products. You may also provide images where appropriate, such as for products, while we can include royalty-free images to make your pages and posts look great.
  • What functionality will your website need? Are you creating a blogging site, an online brand identity, a membership site, a forum, an online store? Different functionalities require different modules and plugins to be added to your website. Some may be free; others may require a premium subscription to function as required. We need this information in order to provide you with an accurate quote, and so we can begin to prepare for the task ahead.
  • Think about what your call to action will be. One of the most important parts of your website is its call to action. When someone visits your website, what do you want to prompt them to do? This might seem obvious, depending on your website’s functionality as discussed above, but it is not always. Do you want your visitors to click on something, such as a buy now button? Do you want them to fill out a contact form? Or do you want them to phone or email you? Perhaps you want them to visit your physical premises?

Your website will be built around your answers to these questions, so it is most important that you are organised and have full clarity about all of this before you ask us for a quote.

What is Not included in our standard packages?

Our standard packages are sufficient for many general websites. If you require bespoke functionality or other services not included, please ask for a quote. This is because individual requirements vary greatly. Here is what is not included in our standard packages.

  • Ask for a quoteBespoke functionality, such as e-commerce, bookings, forums etc.
  • Subscriptions for premium plugins and modules.
  • Bespoke Privacy Policy or Ts & Cs pages.
  • Future design changes after the website is built and has been approved.
  • Advanced SEO / keyword research.
  • Copywriting/article writing/content writing.

All additional work not included in your package is chargeable at a rate of £45.00 per hour.

Full Service Bundles

Full-Service Maintenance, Hosting & E-Mail Solution

Web Design Services

Full-Service Web Design Solution. Fast & Secure Websites for Small Business

Shared Hosting

Fast & Secure Hosting for Small Business. Full-Service Hosting & E-Mail Solution.

Let’s Work Together

If you would like to know more about what we can do to build and maintain your website presence on the internet, then please get in touch.

We can’t wait to start working with you!

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